Cold pressed dog food feeding guide

Feeding guides for Rùn cold pressed dog food:

Ever wondered how much you should be feeding your dog?  Well, with cold pressed dog food, it's less than you may think!

That's right.  Because we squeeeeeze so much natural goodness into our cold pressed food, each piece is packed with intense nutritional yumminess.  This means that dog's actually don't need as much as they might've with other more traditional dry dog foods.

You can see for yourself, if you weigh out 100g of regular dog kibble, and 100g of cold pressed.  The cold pressed dog food takes up much less space in a cup!

So, once you've got your scales handy, take a look at our handy feeding guides below.  These have been scientifically calculated, specifically for Rùn's range of Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food, but remember, they're just a guide.  Every single dog is different, so you may need to tweak these amounts slightly, until you find the best meal size for your dog.

And how do you know if you're feeding too much with cold pressed?

 We've got you covered there too, just check out our fab blog: 'Am I overfeeding my dog?' for lots of tips on what to look out for.


Feeding Guides:


Rùn Puppy cold pressed dog food feeding guide

Still a bit confused?  

Don't worry - we're in the process of creating super helpful calculators, to make meal times even easier.  Check out our first one here: Adult Cold Pressed Dog Food Feeding Calculator:


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