Rùn's Working Dog Food range

The best 'Working Dog Food' for your Adult working / active dog

Our 'Working Dog Food' recipes have been designed to provide your hard working friend with the perfect blend of nutrition and taste.

Rùn is the best working dog food to help keep them going out in the field.

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Each ingredient in our working dog food range has been specially chosen for maximum nutritional benefit. We then press them all together, using our minimal processing method and low temperatures.

The end result is a delicious and convenient meal. Perfect for dogs who are on the go, and needing to stay in top physical condition.

Our working dog food range uses single-source-animal-proteins and fats, providing a delicious product that’s ideal for sensitive tummies.

New customers - get your paws on a whopping 50% off a 'trial bag' of our delicious working dog food!

How to get the most out of your Cold Pressed Dog food:

  • Switching from another brand or food type? Don’t rush. Tummies need a little time to get used to all the natural and yummy ingredients.  10-14 days to switch is ideal. We have a handy blog all about introducing cold pressed dog food HERE

  • Don’t worry if your dog seems hungrier between meals at the start. It’s because our food won’t expand in their tummies, which is a good thing. It’ll settle as they adjust to their healthy, new diet.

  • Feed your way – dry or moist. Our dogs love a little warm water stirred in! 

  • Are you raw feeding or thinking of trying it? Cold pressed food is totally compatible with raw.

  • Got a good dog? Well of course you do!!  Why not weigh out some powder from the bottom of the bag and make a lovely gravy with a little warm water – such a treat.