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Rùn Dog Food

Energy Bars

Energy Bars

Rùn Faster - 100% natural, ‘slow release’ Energy Bars (90g pack)

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BRAND NEW all natural energy bar!

'Rùn Faster' with the support of our deliciously soft and chewy energy bars.  Made with 100% natural ingredients, all careful chosen for slow energy release, immediate yumminess, and gentle digestive support.

Feed little and often on an active day, to help support your dog from flagging during exercise.  RDA - no more than 1 bar/5Kg dog weight, for active dogs.

Our stylish storage tins are the perfect size for a single 90g pack of 6 bars, to take out on your adventures.*  
Rùn Faster
Oat Flour, Sweet Potato, Vegetable Glycerine, Apple Pomice Powder 6% (sulphur), Rapeseed Oil, Whey, Agar Agar 2%, Honey 2%, Fresh Blueberries 2%, Egg 1%, Sunflower Hearts 1%, Chicory Root 1%, Ginger Powder 0.5%, Minerals
Fat 8.7%, Ash, 2.6%, Protein 6.9%, Fibre 5.2%
Sodium per 100g : 0.05g
ME : 303 Kcal per 100g
*We recommend storing bars in an air tight container, if left open for more than 24hrs.
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