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Rùn Dog Food

LickiMat UFO

LickiMat UFO

The perfect Cold Pressed companion!

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Check out the awesome LickiMat UFO!  We use these all the time at Rùn HQ instead of regular bowls.  They're the perfect size to fit a portion of Rùn and add a good 15 minutes on to meal times.

  • Weigh your dogs food portion directly in to the UFO.
  • Pour a glug of boiling water over the food and wait a few minutes while it breaks down into a delicious mush.  
  • Give a quick stir if required.
  • Leave to cool to room temperature (throughout) before serving.
  • Use the handy suction pads on the bottom to stick to most surfaces!

Choose from our two favourite colours of Purple & Turquoise.

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