What is the Difference between Cold Pressed Dog Food and Kibble

To Cold Press or to Kibble? That is the question!

It can often be a very daunting prospect when choosing the right food for your four-legged friend. You deliberate between health benefits, quality, price. Where do you start?

Well a good place to start is an info blog which compares both kibble and cold pressed dog food, helping you make the right choice for your fuzzy best friend?

  • Extrusion equals expansion
  • During production, traditional kibble pet foods are extruded. This means they are cooked under extreme heat and pressure, losing a lot of vital natural nutrients, and producing a food that expands when consumed by your dog. Much like feeding bread to a duck, this can excessively bloat your pet causing uncomfortable digestion.

    Cold pressed is different. Highly nutritious ingredients are pressed together quickly, at a low temperature. This process retains all the intended goodness and, better yet, it breaks down slowly from the outside in during digestion, leaving your pooch with a happy tummy.

    • The Power of Sniff

    As traditional kibble food is processed under extreme heat and pressure, you don’t just lose vital nutrients, and structurally alter precious amino acids and carbohydrates, but a lot of the original flavour and scent is lost too. This will usually result in needing to add artificial flavours and preservatives to entice your dog to eat.

    But dogs aren’t silly! They know the real deal when they sniff it!Cold pressed food holds all the original nutrition, flavour and scent, much to your dog’s delight.

    Rùn Cold-pressed Dog Food

    • Nobody wants a porky pooch
    Our dog’s health and well being is at the top of our priority list. Obesity can introduce many health risks. That’s why it’s important to feed them food with the most nutrition and monitor portion control. The volume of cold pressed food that our dogs require, is far less than that of kibble. Put simply, cold pressed is the apple, kibble is the ready meal. Whilst the ready meal has some nutritional value, it certainly isn't natural.
    • Versatility is Vital

    Most of us lead extremely busy lives these days. Whilst others may insist on feeding their dogs raw food or kibble, this has its drawbacks in the modern world.

    To try and avoid bloating, you can soak kibble in water, although this may only result in a very unappetising slush.

    With raw foods, you must keep on top of regular re-stock due to being highly perishable or remembering to defrost the night before. He won’t thank you for either of those when he’s hungry!

    Cold pressed is so easy to use, and versatile. It can be eaten as soon as served, it is cost effective as a little goes a long way and can be served in many different ways.

    A tasty, crunchy topping on their raw food meal, a healthy treat to reward good behaviour, exciting ‘scatter feeding’, and even tasty lick mats. Just allow the cold pressed food to break down in water, spread onto a mat and freeze.

    • Protect the Planet as well as your Pet

    At Run Headquarters we love sustainability! Our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable AND compostable!

    We even plant a tree for every online order you make.

    So in conclusion, Rùn's Cold Pressed Foods are a much better alternative for your pet, your planet and your purse. Click here to order your sample box of 5 x 70g samples!

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