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Rùn Dog Food

LickiMat Classic

LickiMat Classic

The perfect Cold Pressed companion!

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Here at Rùn HQ we absolutely LOVE combining our Cold Pressed Dog Food with amazing LickiMat products! 

Because Cold Pressed is such a versatile type of dog food, it lends itself brilliantly to canine enrichment aids.
  • Simply soak your portion of Rùn Cold Pressed in boiling water and wait a few minutes for the food to break down into a delicious mush.  
  • Spread the mush aaaaaall over your chosen LickiMat.
  • Either leave to cool to room temperature before serving, orrrrr.....
  • Pop in the freezer for an added element of fun!

Choose from 3 LickiMat classics in our favourite colours of Purple & Turquoise. AND 3 special Limited edition LickiMat Buddy colours - Guava, Mint and Lavender.

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