Should I weigh my dog’s meals?

3 reasons why you should weigh cold pressed dog food portions:

Cold Pressed dog food is nutritionally very dense, but what does that actually mean?  Well, the minimal processing method that we use, means that our ingredients hold a lot more of their natural nutrients than other traditional dry foods.  We then squeeeeeeze those ingredients through a cold press, to create our yummy pellets.  The squeezing is so that our ingredients stick and hold together well, but it also pushes a lot of air out at the same time.  And that means that each little pellet is really very dense indeed.

Cold Pressed dog food circle

But what does that have to do with weighing out your dog’s cold pressed food portions?


Why do I need to weigh cold pressed dog food?

#1 It’s actually heavier

That’s right!  Thanks to all that squeezing, each cold pressed pellet is actually surprisingly heavy, in spite of being so small.  So, 100g of cold pressed dog food looks like a LOT less food than 100g of traditional dry dog food.

This means that if you’re switching over from a regular dry dog food, you need to feed far less, visually.

Have a look!

75g of Cold Pressed dog food


#2  All the natural nutrition they need

Our cold pressed dog food has a special vitamin and mineral premix, to balance our recipes and ensure that our furry friends get the exact right amount of everything they need to be strong and healthy.  We add these natural extras in at the start of our ingredient mix, and the only heat they’re exposed to is during their very quick squeeze, when we press everything together.

Because of the low temperatures that we use on our ingredients, they retain loads of natural nutrients.  This means that we don’t have to add in artificial stuff at the end of the manufacturing process.  Did you know that the nutrients that our dogs get from whole ingredients are far easier for their bodies to absorb?  

We also use a super-protein in our recipes….you can’t cold press raw meat (it would be really gross and squishy, and not very hygienic at all, if we tried!), so instead, we use a special rendering process, to create dried meat, at as low a temperature as we can.  This dry ingredient is an incredible concentrated form of digestible protein, meaning fuzzy tummies get a huge amount of benefit from it.

All of this comes together to create a food that has just the right amount of everything.  The only reason to feed more, would be if your dog’s daily exercise increased.


#3  A little goes a long way

A very slight change in meal size can make a very big difference, when feeding cold pressed dog food.  Our recipes are perfectly balanced so that your dog gets the perfect amount of nutritional value from their meals, and their bodies know it.  Once you’ve found the best meal size for your dog, and their exercise level, you’ll see a fantastic difference in them physically.  And we don’t just mean their waist size….we’re talking about poo….Dog food people always seem to love talking about poo, and we really do!

Dog poo

A dog who is eating the correct amount of cold pressed food, should have perfectly formed, small and solid poops.  If this isn’t happening for your dog, then there’s a very, very high chance that their meals are too large, or you’ve switched over to cold pressed too quickly for them.


 So how do I know if I’m feeding too much?

Fortunately, there’s a few really clear signs, when owners are feeding too much cold pressed dog food.  You can read all about them here, but here's a little hint.....poo!!


In conclusion: should I weigh my dog’s food?

Yes!  Absolutely!  By weighing out each portion of cold pressed dog food, you will always know that your dog has had the correct amount of nutrients for their weight and exercise level.  If they’re gaining, or losing weight, you can adjust by adding or removing just a few grammes of cold pressed, to make a significant difference.

If you’re ever unsure about the amount you’re feeding, you can always contact us and we will ask a few questions about your dog, then be more than happy to advise on a personalised cold pressed feeding guide for them.

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