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*Due to the nature of our eco friendly packaging, our deliveries need to be kept as dry as possible between leaving the factory and ending up in your home.  Our couriers take excellent care of every parcel they deliver, but sometimes they may need to leave a package in your ‘safe place’.


Please ensure that the ‘safe place’ that you provide is both safe and DRY.  We (and our courier) want your dogs’ Rùn to arrive in absolutely perfect condition, so please help us to make sure that happens, every single time.


We will send you an email notifying you when your order is due for delivery.  You can advise our courier of your ‘safe place’ by clicking the ‘Show my options’ button in this email and following the steps in the link.


During lockdown we are offering a FREE DELIVERY service to most of Mainland UK.  This is to help anyone who may be isolating and prevent unnecessary travel.  During this time, please allow up to 5 WORKING DAYS from point of order, as our courier is dealing with extremely high volumes.

Thank you!