Does my small dog need small bite dog food?

You own a tiny dog, who needs tiny things.....but does that mean that their food also needs to be tiny?  Not any more, thanks to Cold Pressed dog food.

Because of the way we manufacture our food, it's absolutely ideal for all sizes of dog.  From itty bitty pups, right up to enormous pony-sized giants.  How?  Because there are just so many different ways you can feed it.


To test our theory out, we sent a bag of our yummy puppy food to the smallest pup we could find....the utterly furbulous Miss Jolene - AKA the very annoying little sister of @Dolly_Pawton

Cold Pressed Puppy Food
Jolene's lovely Pawrents found that their favourite way to feed her new favourite food was to simply break it up into Jolene-sized pieces.  This would be very difficult to do with a regular kibble, but because Cold Pressed dog food gets squeeeeezed together, rather than baked together, it's really easy to break up into smaller pieces.
Long haired Chihauhau

They even made a beautiful Instagram Reel featuring Rùn.  We're told Jolene had a fantastic time making it.  Check it out here, but brace yourself for EXTREME cuteness!



Want to hear about some other furbulous ways to feed Cold Pressed dog food to your small / toy dog?

1) Soak it in warm water...

So your pup enjoys wet food as well as dry?  Well, with Cold Pressed you can have both in one bag.  Yup, it's that simple.  Measure out your pup's meal, then pour warm or hot water over it and leave until it cools to room temperature throughout.  By the time it's fully cooled, the pellets will break down in the water to create a delicious mushy mush.

2) Crush it into a powder...

Remember when we mentioned above that Cold Pressed dog food is super easy to break into little pieces?  Well it's also really easy to turn it into an amaaaaaazingly versatile powder.  And here's a little hack for you - there's often some of this absolute gold dust at the bottom of your bag of food!  Why do we love the powder so much?  Because we can mix it with whatever we want!  Cold water for an instant mush/paste/drink?  Easy!  Natural Yogurt for a lovely tummy-soothing treat?  Yes!  Sprinkled over cold pressed pellets, with a splash of water, to create a droolworthy gravy?  Absolutely!

3) Pop it in the freezer...

We love love LOVE canine enrichment toys over here at Rùn HQ.  Our favourites are ones that you can fill and freeze for later.  You can drizzle a licking mat with Rùn mush/paste/gravy/yogurt, pop it in the freezer for a few hours, and give your dog the treat of a wonderfully enriching and time consuming meal.  Ideal for dogs who tend to eat their food too fast, or to cool down on hot summer days....remember those?  Nope.  Neither do we.


Our amazing Premium Cold Pressed range is now available in handy (pawdy) 1.5Kg bags - making it easier than ever to feed the best food to your best furiend.

1.5Kg Cold Pressed Dog Food
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