Top Tips For A Dog Friendly Easter

Easter Pups

With Easter just around the corner we’ve put together some quick hints and tips on keeping your pup safe, along with some dog friendly activities/ recipes to enjoy over the festivities.


Everyone knows that with Easter comes Easter Eggs and yep.. that means there’s usually lots of chocolate in the house!


 Whilst chocolate is commonly known as being toxic to dogs, here’s a longer list of Easter treats to keep a safe distance from our furry friends:



chocolate contains theobromine this is highly toxic and the purer the chocolate the more theobromine it has, keep an eye on those dark chocolate Easter eggs!


•Hot Cross Buns

this popular Easter bake is filled with raisins or sultanas, known to cause kidney damage.



full of sugar, human sweets are a big no no for our pets, especially keep an eye out for sugar free sweets which could contain xylitol - this artificial sweetener is highly toxic


•Roast dinner

highly seasoned fatty meats and gravies aren’t healthy for pups. Too much fat and salt can lead to upset stomachs, obesity and pancreitis. Stuffing and onions are also dangerous.


• Blue Cheese

keep an eye out on that cheese board and accompanying grapes! Whilst most pets love cheese, blue cheese contains roquefotine and some dogs can be allergic to this leading to an upset stomach.


Dog Friendly Alternatives!

Easter Sausage Dog

• Eggs

Ditch the chocolate and treat your pup to some real eggs. No matter what variety - boiled, scrambled,or raw eggs are a nutritional powerhouse full of protein, vitamins and fatty acids.


Why not take some hard boiled eggs on your next walk and have fun egg rolling with all the family!


• Carob

The nearest thing to chocolate that is safe for dogs, many commercial doggy Easter eggs are made from this ingredient.


• Carrots

Carrots are an amazing natural treat for your dog. High in vitamin A supporting eye health, low fat and low calorie. Pop them in the freezer and you have the ideal teething chew!


•Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries

Berries are full of powerfull antioxidants, vitiating C, low in sugar and high in fiber and magnese. Berries also have anti inflammatory properties which can help with joint health. Why not try foraging some wild berries on your next adventures? All the above can be found in our British countryside and are coming into season soon!


• Home made dog treats

home made dog treats are always a win in our house, super safe as you know exactly what has gone into them and these can easily be tailed to meet your dogs individual nutritional needs!


Rùn mini eggs recipe

Dog Easter eggs
 You will need:
• silicon mini egg mould
• natural yoghurt
• peanut butter


Method for the ‘white eggs’

mix two part of natural yoghurt with one part peanut butter to make a paste. Crush a heaped table spoon of Rún into a powder and mix Into the yoghurt/ peanut butter pate

Carefully divide mixture and spoon Into egg moulds. Level put and scrape any excess with a spatula or clean spoon.

Place into freezer for a few house to set - ideally overnight!


For the ‘chocolate eggs’

Measure out enough Rùn to cover your moulds and pour over boiling water to cover.

Leave to soften for 10 minutes

fill moulds with softened Rùn and place into freezer for a few hours or overnight.

Once both moulds are set pop out the treats and spread preanut butter into one half, place another half on top stocking the two together to create 3D mini eggs!

serve to your pups and watch them enjoy!

Easter Dogs
You can find more gorgeous photos from Bramble and her big siblings here

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