Hiking in the Peak District with your dog

Ever thought it might be fun to try hiking with your dog?

Rùn sat down recently with Ambassadog Ogwen, his big sister Cleo and their hooman, Jess, to discuss a very impawtant topic.




Hey there Ogwen and Cleo (and Jess!), your beautiful Instagram Account is always full of stunning hill views.  Do you guys live in the mountains?!

We love nothing more than getting out hiking in the mountains.  We are lucky enough to have a campervan and travel around many of the UK's stunning national parks. 

Top of Stanage Ridge
Unfortunately we couldn't live any further away from the mountains, and through the colder wetter months with the uncertain weather and higher fuel costs we tend to travel less but luckily we are only a couple of hours away from the Peak District so we have spent a few recent trips here.

Ooh the Peak District is a stunning place to visit, and the walkies are fab!

In your opinion, what's the best Peak District dog walk?

Stanage Edge View
We love Stanage Edge.  On our last trip we were lucky to still catch some snow on the ground. Ogwen and Cleo both love running around and digging in the snow and eating it too!
With Ogwens sister Cleo being dog reactive we have to be imaginative with route planning and avoid the busier areas but our last walk we were lucky enough to get a big loop in around Stanage Edge. 




Is Stanage Edge hard to walk?

With Ogwen still only being 5 months old it's actually perfect, as his little legs won't be doing lots of ascent, as its much flatter.  We may have slightly gone off the beaten track but they love running around and pouncing after eachother through the growth. We also have to watch our mileage because of Ogwens age, even though he would happily carry on and match his sisters pace and miles, its very important we don't let him over do it being just a baby! 
View from Stanage Edge

That sounds so lovely.  

Where do you park for Stanage Edge?

There are 3 main carparks for Stanage, but we actually use the one at Dennis Knoll.  It's way quieter than the actual Stanage car parks and it makes for a nice walk in.

Do you have any puppy walking tips, for owners who want to start hiking with their dogs?

Puppy in the Peak District
We tend to make our hikes currently more training based, we focus very much on recall (of course), stopping and waiting and not approaching other walkers and dogs on trails and with the help of their tasty rùn dog food Ogwen has come on amazingly with his training.
Awww what a clever boy, and what a fun sounding way to enjoy a walk!
*You can get your paws on Ogwen's eco snack-bag here!*

After all that training, you must be pretty exhausted.  What do you do to relax afterwards?  Do you have a favourite dog friendly pub in the Peak District?

After every hike its off to the pub of course! We are spoilt for choice with dog friendly pubs in the Peak but we decided on the Grouse inn.  They have an open fire which is the dogs favourite after a day out, maybe ours too! Time to relax.
Puppy sleeping by the fire
Thanks Ogwen, happy snoozing!
Love and licks,
Rùn xox
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