Good working dog food comes to those who wait!

The dream of creating a ‘truly fantastic’ working dog food has always been at the forefront of our minds here at Rùn HQ. In fact, our original plan was to launch an exclusive ‘working dog food’ company called ‘Working Choice.’

However, once we got going, we realised we had a lot more to offer. From expansion, Rùn was born!

There is a complex science behind ‘working dog’ food, and after extensive research into dog nutrition, we have created a food that combines just the right amount of fat and protein, is grain-free, and gives our dogs all that they need for a hard day's work, without sending them over the edge with energy and affecting their ability to focus.

We are delighted to announce that after what feels like many long years, and sooooo many requests from customers, that food is finally here!

Introducing: 'Working Dog Turkey'

Rùn Cold Pressed Dod Food for Working Dogs

Why ‘working dog’ food as opposed to normal dog food?

• It's grain-freeee, for super easy digestion before a hard day's work or training;

• it is a fantastic single-animal meat and fat source for super digestible protein, rich in natural vitamins and amino acids;

• It has just the right amount of protein and fat to keep your dog focused and ready to work and learn.

Rùn’s working dog food is available from our online store and we can't wait for our pawsome customers to begin enjoying this fantastic product!

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