Five reasons your dog wants you to try cold pressed dog food

Raw feeding has pushed doggy nutrition right up the agenda. But raw meat isn’t every dog owner’s cup of tea.

So, say hello to cold pressed dog food – the perfect, affordable, dry alternative!

Here are just a few of the reasons your dog wants this super-yummy, 100% natural food…

Cold Pressed Dog Food


1. More natural nutrients than you can shake a stick at

Cold pressed dog food manufacturing uses the lowest possible cooking temperatures. This means the important and delicate nutrients we use aren’t lost. Their natural flavours stay, too.

End result? Very yummy, fresh tasting food, packed with 100% natural goodies.


 2. The good stuff is locked in with care

Firstly, when we cold press, we only heat the ingredients we need to. We then grind everything together to make a fine powder. Then it’s time to mix it all up and squeeze it through the cold pressing machine at a really low temperature (between 30 and 60 degrees centigrade).

Hey presto – yummy, conveniently dry pellets! This means all the precious proteins, vegetables, vitamins and minerals are locked in, in their most concentrated form and give your dog LOADS of goodness


 3. Natural, carefully chosen ingredients

Rùn’s ingredients are completely natural and of the highest quality we could source. The meats and vegetables are sourced as locally as possible and the premix ingredients are handpicked for ultimate functionality and nutritional benefit. 

Did you know we’re actually one of the very first companies to make coldpressed dog food right here in the UK?

Our HQ is up in Central Scotland and being able to manufacture our cold pressed dog food close to home is so important to us.  It means your dog will be eating food with the lowest carbon footprint that we can make – plus we get to support other local businesses!


 4. Gentle on tummies

Rùn is packed with the tastiest and most easy to digest ingredients. So they’ll love it – and their tummies will too.

There’d be little point in using the gentlest cooking method around if there wasn’t as much thought going into the ingredients, too. So, rest assured your dog will be munching on proteins that are fantastically digestible and carbs that help with protein transfer.


5. An eco-friendly manufacturing method

Dogs LOVE being outside enjoying everything nature has to offer. So, help your four-legged friend reduce their carbon pawprint and save the planet they love by treating them to food that’s been processed at super-low temperatures,

P.S. Did we mention the amazingly eco packaging, too!?



So, there we have it - five reasons your dog wants you to try cold pressed dog food. Need a little more convincing? Click here to get a delicious sample box delivered to your dog’s door and let their happy dance do the talking after they’ve tried a bite or two!

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