• Rùn Cold Pressed dog food on hay bale

    We’ve spent over 10 years researching this. Trust us – we know our stuff.

    High-quality nutrition

    Raw feeding has pushed doggy nutrition right up the agenda. But raw meat isn’t every dog owner’s cup of tea 

    – not to mention the storage issues. Enter cold pressed dog food – the perfect, affordable, dry alternative. 

    Low heat manufacturing locks in delicate nutrients and natural flavours – nothing artificial needed. The end result? Very yummy food packed with 100% natural ingredients.

    No junk here. Only goodness.

    No fancy sounding herbs; no superfoods you need to Google; nothing added just to show off.

    Almost ten years of learning about what makes top-quality dog food (thanks to Rùn’s very own fusspots, Murphy the lab and Ripley the working cocker), every single ingredient in the Rùn recipe is there for a reason.

    Super-green packaging. You’re not filling landfill.

    The cherry on top is that you and your dog will reduce your carbon pawprint. 

    Like you, we weren’t fans of pet food packed in single-use plastic. So, we did something about it.  

    To cut a long story short (the longer version is here if you fancy a read), we discovered the holy grail in recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging… 100% super-strong paper!

    So, put your paws up and relax.

    You have the power to give your dog and your planet exactly what they need, right here.

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