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Cold Pressed -

For your growing puppy

Why is it so important to feed stage-specific food to your puppy?

It's no secret that puppies grow like weeds.  One day you're staring adoringly at a teeny fluffy bundle, and the next moment, you blink and they've doubled in size!!  All that growing puts lots of strain on their puppy bones and joints. That's why we need to take extra care, to ensure that our pups are getting the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so that their bones grow at the right speed and density. 

There are lots of variables to consider, when designing the perfect puppy food - Proteins (which ones and how much?), Omegas, Calcium : Phosphorus ratio, Vitamin levels , and more.

We put so much thought and love into designing Rùn Puppy.  You can relax knowing that the delicious meal your pup is enjoying, is brimming with health, just like them.

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We are so excited about this recipe, because it’s one of the very first UK-made, Puppy-specific, Cold Pressed foods to be made (try saying that with a mouth full of food!).  


As with our Adult recipes, our Puppy food is grain-free.  However, we use mixed-animal-proteins, in order to cater for the special nutritional needs of growing puppies.  We also have very carefully tailored levels of omegas, proteins, vitamins and minerals, with a special focus on absorbable Calcium. 


Finally, we've included our joint aid premix, to give even more attention to those growing bones.


All this is to ensure that our Puppy food has the optimum nutrients for healthy growth and bone formation.

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