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Plastic free

Eco packaging is a HUUUUGE bug-bear at Rùn HQ.  We've put many (many!) hours (okay...13 long months...) into researching the best packaging options for our food.

We could've launched in early 2019, if we'd gone down the easy route and used plastic (  Or, we could've used one of the 'green' options that other pet food brands have gone for...but first, we wanted to be sure that 'green' really did mean green...

So, sit back, put your paws up and relax.

We've done the research for you.


It didn't take long for us to figure out that the bio-bag options that are currently available, simply aren't good enough. The PLA (a very thin barrier often made from vegetable starch) element of the bags has an incredibly short shelf life and actually starts to degrade before the product even gets into the bag!  Once we found this out, we spoke to as many suppliers as we could, and we couldn't find a single packaging manufacturer that could guarantee that this PLA liner wouldn't contaminate our that was the end of that.


As with biodegradable, we did a heck of a lot of research here. Sadly, we couldn't find a single manufacturer of truly compostable packaging, that could supply a flexible bag/pouch strong enough to carry more than 2Kg of food.  Whilst conducting our research, we also learned that the vast majority of 'compostable packaging' can only be composted at an Industrial Composting Facility!  Nope, not even your compost heap reaches the required temperatures for proper composting of rigid compostable containers/cups, or 99% of 'compostable pouches'.


We do still have high hopes here though, as technology is accelerating almost as fast as the demand for a truly eco packaging option!  We're in talks with two very exciting manufacturers, who are working on designing us a really cool heavy duty watch this space!


Then, one day, we stumbled across bioplastic...

This was a really exciting day!  The bioplastic that we found was even carbon negative..ooh!  But...the more we thought about it, the more we felt that no matter how low the CO2 was, a bioplastic was still a difficult to recycle, single use plastic, destined for landfill.

We were right back where we'd started

So...we ummm....and we pondered....and then we thought a little longer...We cast our minds back to a time before this plastic problem was a problem.  We thought about how shoppers used to get all of their groceries without the need for plastic packaging....without the need for packaging at all!  And it got us thinking...why not turn back the clock?

So...we're not only bringing you

plastic free dog food,

we're bringing you...



That's right!  We've managed to source the holy grail in recyclabe, biodegradable, compostable packaging....100% paper.  Our 7.5Kg and 15Kg sacks are made from a really thick double ply Kraft paper.  These sacks are super strong, but obviously don't have a man-made barrier, so we've reduced our shelf life to just 6 months to reflect this.

We also have an even thicker and stronger 25Kg sack for retailers...and this is the really exciting bit...ZERO WASTE DOG FOOD!!!


If you're lucky enough to live close to one of our stockists, you, the customer, can make a huge difference to your dog's carbon paw-print, and save money at the same time!!!  Our refill option is priced to encourage customers to bring your own container (ooh hang on, don't you have a really handy, super strong paper sack lying around from your last delivery of Rùn, just begging to be reused?!) and weigh out the exact amount of food that your dog needs.

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