Frequently asked questions

about Rùn's cold pressed dog food

What does Rùn mean?

Rùn is a Scottish Gaelic word, pronounced Roo:n. It has several meanings, including 'To have love/affection for another being' and 'With Purpose'. Both these and the name itself just sum up dogs so perfectly for us. Ever loving, ever purposeful, and running absolutely everywhere......Squirrel!!

Is cold pressed dog food compatible with raw feeding?

YES! There are many dry dog foods on the market now that claim to be an alternative to raw feeding, but there are two big reasons why this just isn't the case. The vast majority of these companies are still using the traditional 'extrusion' method to manufacture their kibble. This method strips out so many nutrients, which then have to be artificially added back into the food, making it a highly processed product. Our method of preparing our food is much gentler. The nutrients and also the flavour of the raw ingredients are kept in, then carefully pressed together to form yummy pellets. Critically, extruded dog food doesn't break down in the same way as raw. The two cannot be fed together for this very reason, as our dogs' tummies process them at different rates. Raw food is easily digested, whereas extruded kibble expands in the gut and takes much longer to digest. When the two are fed in the same meal, it can cause the stomach to flip, which is very dangerous. Our Cold Pressed food doesn't expand. Instead it naturally breaks down, making it extremely digestable. In fact it can be fed directly alongside raw food, without causing any digestive incompatability at all.

Why do you use 'dried ground meat' instead of fresh meat protein?

When you see 'dried ground meat' listed in our ingredients, this doesn't in any way imply that we're using a lower standard product. Far from it, we only use the best quality meats and fish in our cold pressed foods. What it means is that the meat has already had the water removed and in terms of % on the packet, what you see is what you get. Not only that, but because the way our meat and fish has been concentrated, the level of digestable protein in our animal ingredients is incredible! Because our proteins aren't damaged by high cooking temperatures, this means that your dogs absorb a fantastic amount of high quality protein when they eat our food. Because of our method of Cold Pressing, all of the ingredients we use are dry. This is because unlike 'extrusion', the cold temperatures that we use are not high enough to boil off the excess liquids in fresh meat.

Is your cold pressed dog food 100% natural?

Yes! We don't use any nasties in our recipes. All of our added vitamins and nutrients are chosen specifically for their benefits to your dog. We use only the best ingredients and our meat proteins are of the highest quality. We won't use any additives, colourings, or E-numbers. We also don't add any sugars or sweeteners.

Where is your food made?

Rùn is proudly manufactured in the beautiful Scottish countryside and all of our ingredients are sourced in the UK.

Will my fussy dog like cold pressed?

The combination of high quality ingredients and our cold pressing method, makes our food highly palatable. Dogs LOVE it! And, one of the great things about cold pressed food is that it breaks down super easily in water. If your dog prefers a wet food, simply add warm water a few minutes before feeding. Check the temperature and stir, then add more water if required for whichever consistency your dog loves best!

Is your cold pressed food suitable for puppies?

No. Our food is just for adult dogs. There are a lot of foods on the market now claiming to be suitable for all life stages, but after some long discussions with our expert nutritionist, we strongly felt that it wouldn't be responsible to create an 'all stage' food. Puppies and Adult dogs need very different nutrients and what's good for one can actually be damaging for the other. We do have plans to expand our range quickly though, with a puppy option and a senior option being added as soon as we're able.

Is your food suitable for my dog with allergies?

Our recipes are all Grain and Gluten free and made from Single-source animal ingredeints, making them ideal for dogs with allergies. Our Chicken recipe is just Chicken. No Fish oil or other meat fats. Our Fish recipe *coming soon* is just Fish. We have been extremely careful to ensure there is no hidden Chicken fats or other meats. Our Working Dog Turkey recipe *coming soon* is just Turkey. No Chicken, Fish or other meats.

Can I order a sample of cold pressed dog food?

Absolutely! Our samples weigh approximately 100g (each is ever so slightly different due to the varying size and shape of pellets). The sample itself is free, you just pay for first class Royal Mail large letter postage. Our samples are beautifully packed in completely compostable, zero waste packging. The little bags are made from a product called Natureflex, which is 100% home compostable. These bags are packed in mini cardboard boxes, which fit perfectly through your letterbox.

What's the delivery situation during lockdown?

DPD have assured us that they are continuing to deliver throughout the current crisis. They are under a LOT of strain, so we're not confident in offering a normal 48hr delivery time. However, stock IS getting made and will be getting shipped as orders come in. The majority of the time shipments are arriving well within the 48hr timeframe, but we ask customers to be aware of the situation and expect the possibility of a delay of up to 5 working days.