What makes cold pressed dog food so amazing?



Glad you asked!  Our gentle 'cooking' process ensures that our food is naturally packed FULL of yummy nutrients,  to keep your dog in pawsome condition!  


Unlike during traditional pet food manufacturing, we cook each ingredient to the lowest possible temperatures.  This means that the delicate nutrients, which are usually damaged and reduced during a method that involves boiling/baking the ingredients at temperatures up to 180C(!), are kept intact.

Traditional kibble is created through a method known as ‘extrusion’.  Extrusion in pet food means that the ingredients are cooked at high temperatures (around 145c, but sometimes much higher) for an extended length of time.  This combination of heat and cooking time can damage the nutritional benefit of the ingredients.


Cold pressing is done with considerably more care


Firstly, we only heat the ingredients that we need to.  For example, our meat is gently dried and ground at the minimum possible temperature to maintain hygiene.  This means that it is safe to touch and store, and most importantly, safe for your dogs to eat.


We then grind all of our ingredients together to make a fine powder, before mixing it all up and squeeeeezing the mixture at a really low temperature (55 - 65c) through a press to make our yummy dry pellets.


All of the precious proteins, vegetables, vitamins and minerals are locked in, in their most concentrated form.


We only use the most palatable and easy to digest ingredients, to ensure that your dog will not only love their food, but their tummies will love it too.